Privacy Policy

Privacy has become one of the most important aspects ever since we have entered the world of internet. Geekzeeta takes responsibility of securing your personal details which we collect at the time of registration. We have taken various steps for securing you information from unauthorized use. Although it is quite impossible to provide 100% security to information, by precaution can be taken. As third part search engine is part of our web site, we don’t take any responsibility about the data used by it about our user.


Cookies are used to temporary store Personal information (name, postal address, contact number, credit card details etc.) as well as Anonymous information (date and time of session, page you visited, order you places, service provider name etc.). It is only store for the purpose of saving time and nullifies need of entering data over and over again.

There are four types of cookies being used:

a) Strictly necessary cookies: As the name says, it is must use cookies, required to provide you with services of your need.
b) Functional cookies: It enables personalized features.
c) Performance cookies: collects the information required for measurement of our web site.
d) Targeting cookies: It’s used by third party to provide you information.


Third party advertisement network make use of some space in our web page to give information about the product or service they provide; it might or might not be of your use. Ones you open any of our web page, these third parties receive you IP address automatically. This is done using cookies and Geekzeeta has no control over it. If, in case, you want to opt out, you should contact that third party for the same. If, at any point of time, you want to change the settings of cookies or restrict the action, you can easily do this at your end by clicking the setting option of your browser.

Third party information gathering

When you access our site, you will find third party links & advertisement, the purpose of which is to provide you with the information about the products & services of those parties offer. It is completely your choice to open that link or not. We prove no security for your information ones you enter another url, other than Geekzeeta. Every website has its own set of policies and it is advisory to read them before accessing it.


We only share your personal information when it is required by law, for judicial proceeding, investigation, court order any other legal proceeding. If we suspect any type of illegal activities like fraud, potential threat, violation of terms and conditions, we have every right to share your information for investigation or prevention of such activities with are not permissible by law.
We might also share your information with third party only if it is necessary or to make service, which you require, available with the utmost care. In such cases, we will demand for written consent from third partly to not to use your information illegal way or any other way that is offensive.

Opt-out option

It is not mandatory to allow us to share your information. It is completely your right to change your information, collected by Geekzeeta at the time of registration, at any time or remove it from our data base which we use to provide you with advertisement based on your interest. In such a case, you should contact us and request for the same.

At any point of time, we can make necessary changes in our Privacy policy, according our requirement and we might or might not inform you about the same. No prior notice will be given to our customer about the changes. We advise you to read policy occasionally to have up-to-date knowledge about the changes.

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