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It is very important to go through terms and conditions before availing services of any site. If any of the users continues to access a site, with or without reading terms and conditions, it automatically bounds you with terms and conditions’ agreement. So, it is advisory to read Terms and conditions carefully before going further. Geekzeeta reserve the right of making changes in terms & conditions at any time without intimating user or giving prior notice.

Agreement between Geekzeeta and its user

Geekzeeta is a customer service based company and our working is according to set of rules (terms and conditions) which are predefined by the authority. When a customer signs up with us, we presume that he/she agrees with our terms and condition and has approved with company reserved right of making changes in Terms and conditions without intimation or prior notice of the change. However, the change will be uploaded on the site of geekzeeta and user can go though it at any point of time.

Modification of terms and conditions

Terms and conditions are important for smooth running of the company. Dealing with customer, services that a company provides, payment, data gathered etc depends upon certain set of rules and violation of the same will lead to consequences and will affect the service we provide. Time-to-time, it becomes important to revise these set of term and conditions and make necessary modification, if required, for smooth running of a business. Geekzeeta reserves the right of modification of terms and conditions, when ever necessary.


On our site, Links are provided only for convenience of user but we do not endorse or make any effort to endorse any other company or services of any other third party. If a user opens the link, he/she leaves our site, there and then; we don’t take any responsibility for any kind of product or service provided by third party through that link.
By agreeing with our terms and conditions, you understand that we are not responsible for any third party product or service and you can not claim against us for the same.

Information about goods and services

There is difference between service provided by a company and making it available. We do not have any product of our own. The product and services available on our site are completely owned by third party. We act as an intermediate or a medium between the two (seller and user).

No illegal or prohibited use

We expect only legal use of our website by the user to make best use of our services without being bothered by us. If, by what ever mean, anyone tries to violate any of the role or use our website in unacceptable manner, we have ever right to raise a complaint or take a legal action against person indulge in such activity. We do not give any kind of right to any person to use Geekzeeta website in a manner that could damage, disable or overload our site. We will not welcome you attempt to collect restricted information about our company, services and client. If anyone found making such attempt must face legal consequences.

Use of site

The time you check the terms and condition box, we assume that you have read terms and conditions properly and you will use our site in a rightful way, without violating rules and law. If found misusing our site, we reserve the right to terminate your access to our site without intimation or notification for safety purpose.


You valuable feed back and suggestions are always welcomed by Geekzeeta. We reserve the right to use you post in rightful way for distribution and publicity. Along with your post, we might also use your name, if required. Geekzeeta also reserve the right to remove or edit your post at anytime.
For posts that are being used by Geekzeeta, no compensation will be provided to the person (who posted it on our site).

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